CRS Medical Textiles

CRS Medical Textiles is a brand created within the Şık Makas Group of Companies in order to develop solutions that contribute to human health and become an indispensable part of modern medicine. In this way we set off with CRS Medical Textile; Our top priority is to produce medical devices and protective equipment in accordance with world standards and to prove the compliance of these products with world norms with scientific methods.

Behind our brand with 8000+ employees in all group companies; Having 3 separate integrated production facilities in Çorlu, Tokat and Egypt; Serving in Western and Eastern European countries, especially in Germany and Poland, with the Cross Jeans brand for 30 years; software, which creates jobs in the energy sector in the last 35 years and the highest export in Turkey Şık Makas Şirketler Grubu stands for.

In all our companies and affiliated brands; We are aware that a happy employee will bring happy customers. Our company provides appropriate occupational health & safety working conditions for its employees, keeping social dialogue open under all conditions, and including employee professional & personal development training in its budget; We are trying to build a happy, innovative, dynamic and peaceful team. We constantly support our staff with young and talented engineers and benefit from the innovative and dynamic perspective of the new generation.

With our group companies including CRS MEDICAL TEXTILES; Turkey’s contribution to the world economy and in different sectors, we continue to sustainable development. We will maintain our leadership by sharing this development and the sustainable values we create with all our stakeholders. And while doing all these, our most important compass will always be “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS” and “PROTECTING OUR WORLD AND HEALTH”.

Our aim; To establish long-term commercial relations with our customers and suppliers, to produce high value-added products at the required standards in accordance with the expectations and needs of our customers. In doing so, our biggest assistant is sustainable innovative approaches and cleaner production technologies.

Surgical masks, surgical gowns and protective coveralls we offer under the brand of CRS Medical Textile are produced under controlled field production conditions prepared in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 13485 quality management system. ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certification processes have been completed, and our products meet the test requirements required for medical sales. Our mask and gown products are CE certified and our coverall product has been CE marked.

Our Vision:

CRS Medical Textiles, to provide solutions for a sustainable, quality and healthy life,

Our Mission:

To produce in world standards and norms with innovative approaches that will offer our consumers a quality life.

Our Values:

Human health is a priority